What Black diamond provides.

Below are the service Black Diamond Paving provides to our customers.


Providing a complete range of paving services for residential, commercial, and heavy-duty industrial paving. Asphalt covers our driveways, parking lots, roads, walking trails, jogging paths, and almost all paved surfaces that we walk or drive on every day. Asphalt is made from materials that expand and contract with the weather conditions, making it durable and long-lasting.

BLACK DIAMOND PAVING offers residential and parking lot design and installation. Resurfacing of existing asphalt or concrete. Using quality materials and modern equipment and installed by our experienced workforce, we can provide reliable service for all your paving needs.


We can stripe any and all surfaces. Parking stripes, handicap emblems, directional arrows, crosswalks, and fire lane striping. All striping is applied with commercial grade latex paint that meets all TDOT requirements. Personalized stencils are available with your name or logo.

Asphalt Sealing:

GemSeal Black Diamond

GemSeal Black Diamond pavement sealer is a new high-performance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealers. With all the environmental benefits of AE sealers, Black Diamond exceeds AR performance by providing better coverage, greater durability, and superior color stability. Black Diamond also provides performance similar to refined tar sealers through ease of application and toughness against power steering marks. Finally, like all GemSeal pavement sealers, we make Black Diamond with our precision colloid mill system, giving you a product that will always be consistent to save you time on the job.


  • Resists fuel and oil comparable to refined tar sealers

  • Resists power steering marks better than AE sealers

  • Can be applied in lower temperatures than AE sealers


  • Higher dilution rate than AE sealers, which reduces cost per gallon

  • Longer lasting than AE sealers


  • Color stable- eliminates bluing or graying issues

  • Manufactured using colloid mill process


  • Conforms to industry-leading quality control program

  • Burn free- crews will love to work with it!

  • Applies as smoothly as refined tar sealers

  • Meets or exceeds ASTMD140, ASTM D529, ASTM D466, ASTM D2939, GemSeal Black Diamond does not contain refined coal tar but does meet the performance standards listed in: ASTM D5727, ASTM D3423, ASTM D490, FAA P-625, P-627, AND P-630.

Patch/Crack Repair:

Repairing broken asphalt can extend the life of a parking lot or driveway. The areas needed to be patched are saw cut to a straight edge around the perimeter and excavated from the damaged property. Underlying base is examined for stability and replaced if needed. Asphalt is replaced to the proper depth and compacted to a smooth level surface with existing asphalt.

Exposed cracks in asphalt can allow water to penetrate and undermine the base of a drive, parking lot, or surface. We use a hot pour system to prevent this damage. Rubberized material is heated and applied to the crack by machine to block further water and ice damage, and prevents the crack from enlarging.

Grading & Excavation:

Asphalt is only as durable as the foundation it is installed on. New construction of your drive or parking lot will require preparation of the soil first. Attention must be paid to water diversion. Application of herbicide for grass elimination. Base installation using quality limestone rock or cement treated base product to assure total stability. These are requirements Black Diamond Paving will utilize to insure that your project will last for years to come.


Water diversion is a consideration on all paving projects. Drainage systems can be installed, and with proper grading and excavation, water can be diverted away from buildings and entrances. We offer culvert installations, crate drains, PVC pipe drains and catch basins to eliminate your water diversion problems.