Asphalt Sealing

GemSeal Black Diamond pavement sealer is a new high-performance alternative to asphalt emulsion (AE) sealers. With all the environmental benefits of AE sealers, Black Diamond exceeds AR performance by providing better coverage, greater durability, and superior color stability. Black Diamond also provides performance similar to refined tar sealers through ease of application and toughness against power steering marks. Finally, like all GemSeal pavement sealers, we make Black Diamond with our precision colloid mill system, giving you a product that will always be consistent to save you time on the job.


  • Resists fuel and oil comparable to refined tar sealers

  • Resists power steering marks better than AE sealers

  • Can be applied in lower temperatures than AE sealers


  • Higher dilution rate than AE sealers, which reduces cost per gallon

  • Longer lasting than AE sealers


  • Color stable- eliminates bluing or graying issues

  • Manufactured using colloid mill process


  • Conforms to industry-leading quality control program

  • Burn free- crews will love to work with it!

  • Applies as smoothly as refined tar sealers

  • Meets or exceeds ASTMD140, ASTM D529, ASTM D466, ASTM D2939, GemSeal Black Diamond does not contain refined coal tar but does meet the performance standards listed in: ASTM D5727, ASTM D3423, ASTM D490, FAA P-625, P-627, AND P-630.